Glamorous wedding at the Atrium, Sisie & Peilong-Part 1

A Glamorous wedding at The Atrium: Wedding pictures from Sisie & Peilong’s wedding by our Atlanta Wedding Photographers team.

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Sisie and Pielong’s glamorous June wedding took place at the Atrium, a venue with neoclassical architecture and extensive gardens, located 20 miles outside Atlanta. The sun shone as the couple shared a romantic “first look” in a lush courtyard next to a three-tiered fountain. The gray-suited groom turned to see his smiling bride, who wore a white lace wedding gown with a long train and lace-trimmed veil. Our Atlanta photography team captured the love and joy between the couple as they laughed and kissed, excited that their long-awaited wedding day had arrived.

The Atrium’s courtyard provided a romantic background for the glamorous outdoor ceremony. Bridal bouquet in hand, the bride walked down an aisle carpeted in red rose petals. She met her groom in front of the Italian stone gazebo draped in greenery and flowers. The bridal party framed the happy couple, with six groomsmen in gray suits and blue ties on one side, and on the other, six bridesmaids carrying white flowers and wearing baby blue chiffon dresses. An intimate group of friends and family watched as the couple shared emotional handwritten vows, pledging their eternal love as husband and wife…


As guests entered the two-story glass ballroom for the reception, they walked past a hand-painted world map with elegant lettering that said, “Love always finds a way”; a dotted red line connected hearts painted in China and Georgia, an homage to the miraculous way love brought the couple together across an ocean. The tables were accented with baby blue and red for the buffet dinner. The bride entered the reception wearing a traditional red Chinese wedding dress, all smiles as she and her husband cut the cake and listened to toasts that made them laugh and cry. 

The bride changed into her final gown, a glamorous baby blue dress with flowing tulle and rhinestones, for a romantic first dance. Afterwards, the guests joined the new husband and wife on the dance floor for a party led by DJ Adam Darby that included the traditional reception highlights such as the bouquet and garter tosses. When it came time for the wedding exit, the groom carried his blushing bride to the getaway car amidst a flurry of well-wishers blowing bubbles. See Sisie & Pielong wedding at The Atrium-Part 2 and their wedding video.