Bridal Party

Bridal party photos from our weddings in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia document the joy, emotions, and love before, during, and after the ceremony.

A young flower girl in a flower crown and cowboy boots flashes a shy peace sign, flanked by a cheering bridal party. A kneeling bridesmaid shares a private moment with the bride, fastening the delicate straps of her shoes. One groom is hefted into the air by his laughing groom’s party for a hilarious spin on a popular wedding photo. Another group of groomsmen are captured mid-stride moving toward the camera, their shadows falling long under the Georgia sun for a striking black and white portrait.
The bridal parties selected by our couples are a treasure trove of deep friendship, enduring love, and good old-fashioned fun.
Our photographers are passionate about showcasing the unique bonds between our couples and their nearest and dearest with an expert mix of candid and posed photography.
Our individualized shooting style is highly influenced by the couple’s preference, style, and organic relationship with their bridal party, which results in a uniquely intimate mix of photos.
Whether or not you have a shot list or just want to let the opportunities for quality bridal party photos unfold naturally, our Atlanta wedding photographers led by Joey Wallace will be there to capture the laughter, tears, and touching moments between you and your closest friends.

For browsing ease, the size and quality of the images on our website have been reduced from the final product delivered to our brides and grooms.

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