Family photos from our weddings in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia. The wedding day is an occasion for family to come from near and far to celebrate the bride and groom’s union.

Each tender moment presents another opportunity to commemorate a priceless familial bond and capture a memento of a truly happy time. As our photographers know, quality family photos don’t always have to be traditionally posed, either!
Our team is known for fading seamlessly into the background of the richest moments, capturing rare and tender photos. One of our favorite images is of the father of the bride seen through the clasped arms of the bride and groom, his eyes bright with unshed tears and his hand wrapped in his wife’s as he watched his little girl get married. Another unforgettable moment was an emotional pause in an intimate ceremony when the ringbearer embraced the groom as our photographers captured the sweet emotion on the young boy’s face.
On the big day, our Atlanta based team led by Joey Wallace is always on hand to document these precious moments with an eye for detail and regard for the memories that will be cherished for years to come.
For browsing ease, the size and quality of the images on our website have been reduced from the final product delivered to our brides and grooms.

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