The Fun

Fun photos from our weddings in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia reflect the joy and happiness celebrated throughout the wedding day.

Though the wedding day is full of deep emotions and serious traditions, it has more than its share of plain old fun! Our team of photographers captures the “laughter” in love, laughter, and happily ever after. Some of our favorite fun moments include one bridesmaid whipping out a beer bong in the bridal suite, kneeling under it as our photographer snapped the hilarious photo. In another, our couple’s Labrador Retriever curiously pokes his nose at the camera from his position as a guest of honor. We even captured a laughter-filled line dance taking place in an elegant ballroom, proving that no matter the setting, the wedding day will be full of fun moments to be photographed. With the same passion that our team pursues details, romance, and emotion, they will be looking to capture images of the sheer fun had by our couples and their nearest and dearest.

For browsing ease, the size and quality of the images on our website have been reduced from the final product delivered to our brides and grooms.

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