Reception photos from our weddings in Atlanta and other cities in Georgia capture everything from the goofy dances of the reception entrance to the sparkling send-off.

Now that vows have been exchanged and our bride and groom are officially husband and wife, it’s time to party! From the first dance to the wedding send-off, our photographers utilize a complex lighting system to capture all the fabulous events of a reception.
Our team documented the bridal party as they released balloons bearing well-wishes into the Georgia night sky and scored an endearing candid of a couple sharing a beer together in a quiet corner while gazing into one another’s eyes. We caught the glow of sparklers illuminating the bride and groom’s wide smiles as their guests sent them off, and a groom grinning on the dance floor as he led his groomsmen in a dance just for the seated bride. Whatever moments our brides and grooms incorporate into their reception to make it all their own, we are there to capture all the elements of sentiment, joy, and celebration.

For browsing ease, the size and quality of the images on our website have been reduced from the final product delivered to our brides and grooms.

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