Ali & Chad’s Wedding at the Bogle Farm, Part 2

Bogle Farms rustic wedding Bogle Farms rustic wedding

A summer wedding at Bogle Farms | The new husband and wife made their triumphant ceremony exit at Bogle farms brimming with joy.

The couple could not stop smiling as they took playful portraits, posing in the Chevy and dancing around the lawn. Guests relaxed in the open-air reception shelter, drinking from custom cups that read, “Eat, drink, and be married.” They wrote their well wishes on a sign that would hang in the couple’s home, and kids entertained themselves with sidewalk chalk.Jane Rogers of By Special Arrangement decorated the long reception tables with burlap runners, candles, and lots of fresh flowers, perfect centerpieces for the rustic wedding. Everyone feasted on a buffet dinner from Waddell’s Catering before the bride and groom cut the chocolate cake, lovingly resisting the urge to smash frosting into each other’s faces. Friends shared heartfelt toasts to the couple, then young and old alike danced the night away with flashing plastic rings and glow sticks. Despite the reception continuing into the pitch-black evening, our Atlanta photography team managed to capture every special moment, right up to the final send-off when the guests formed a glow stick arch that the bride and groom ran through before jumping into the fountain.

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Bogle Farms


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