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Wedding Reception at the Capital City Club

Wedding reception at the Capital City Club

After exchanging vows in an intimate ceremony on a warm Friday evening, Monika and Patrick’s wedding festivities continued the next day at the sophisticated Capital City Club in Atlanta, Georgia.


To start the evening, the bride and groom donned deep red traditional Cambodian wear, the bride’s gown adorned with bold gold accents. They greeted each of their wedding guests as they entered Capital City Club reception to give their congratulations. As the room filled with well-wishers in fine evening gowns and suits, everyone sipped on wine and bubbly, while our Atlanta wedding photographers captured the elegance of the evening against the ornate background of the Capital City Club’s interior rooms before the bride and groom slipped away for a wardrobe change.


The wedding reception moved into the Capital City Club’s large, elegant ballroom with polished wood floors, candlelit chandeliers, and windowed doorways that filled the room with the early evening light. Excited guests began to sample the buffet offerings, which included carved meats and spring rolls, as they eagerly waited for the newlyweds’ formal entrance, our wedding photographers capturing their expressions of joy and anticipation.


When the clock struck 7:30, the happy couple entered the ballroom to cheers from their friends and family. The bride wore an intricately beaded white evening gown trimmed with wispy feathers. She shimmered from head to toe, accessorized with a sparkly tiara, dangly earrings, and a jeweled necklace. The groom, sporting a black tuxedo, held her hand tightly as he spun her into a romantic first dance. Our Atlanta wedding photographers seamlessly captured candid shots of the doting newlyweds dancing around the room, as well as the delighted expressions of the onlookers, who couldn’t be happier for the bride and groom.


With the first dance finished, the Atlanta Wedding Band took it away to get the party started. The evening turned into a dance party, and with the newlyweds taking the lead, couples flooded the ballroom floor and danced well into the night. 


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Also, see their Wedding Ceremony at the Burge Club.

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