Elisa & Ian’s Wedding at Canoe Atlanta, Part 2

canoe atlanta wedding reception

Elisa & Ian’s wedding at Canoe Atlanta | Elisa and Ian celebrated their nuptials with a reception at Canoe, a wedding reception venue in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our Atlanta wedding photographers team skillfully documented every special moment of the laidback evening’s celebrations. Upon entering the venue’s elegant white tent, well-wishers left cards in a rustic wooden box with a sign that read, “The heart knows when it has found its always.”
Their seats were marked with beautifully lettered wedding reception place cards. They sat at tables adorned with traditional place settings and elegant crystal glassware.
As night fell, the wedding tent glowed with activity below the chandelier lighting. Guests mingled, enjoying beer, wine, and cocktails served up by the Canoe serving staff. Everyone munched on delicious farm-to-table hors d’oeuvres, made from ingredient sourced locally in Atlanta, Georgia, before enjoying a catered dinner.

Live music led to dancing, and our Atlanta wedding photographers captured the fun as guests both young and old grabbed their partners and made their way to the dance floor. The newlyweds laughed, smiled, and danced their way through to the end of the evening, the joy of an unforgettable wedding day written all over their faces.

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