Indian Wedding Ceremony at the Vishwa Bhavan Mandir | Day 1

Indian South Asian wedding in Atlanta

Traditional Indian wedding ceremony at the Vishwa Bhavan Mandir. 

It was a bright and sunny morning and the mood was vibrant at their home where our Atlanta Wedding Photographers set up to photograph the bride as she’s getting ready for her eventful Indian wedding. She looked radiant in her intricately woven red and gold embroidered lehenga, and the henna on her hands and feet had turned dark and beautiful overnight, signaling auspicious beginnings to her married life. A myriad of emotions flooded over the bride’s sister as she helped her into her Kangan and bangles. Her mother could not hold back her tears as she watched her little girl transform into a beautiful bride right in front of her eyes, and our Wedding Photographers were right there to capture this intimate and poignant moment. Meanwhile, the groom’s family was on hand to help him slip into his matching red and gold embroidered sherwani and red pagri. While he posed looking all regal and elegant, our wedding photographer captured the longing in his eyes as he awaited the moment when he could depart to the home of his beloved, to be united with her forever.

The Vishwa Bhavan Mandir venue metamorphosed into a magical land filled with vibrant hues of red, white, and gold, as it waited for the bride and groom to begin their magical journey together. In the time that the bride entered the wedding mandap with her family to perform puja to the Gods, her knight in shining armor had already worn his sehra and got onto his matching embellished maroon and gold adorned mare, to begin his journey towards the wedding venue along with his baraatis. As the baraatis sang and danced along the streets of Atlanta on their way to the wedding arena, our Atlanta Wedding Photographers managed to capture this colorful and delightful spectacle of Indian wedding festivities through their lenses.

When the baraat reached the wedding venue, the groom and his baraatis were warmly welcomed with warm hugs by the bride’s family. The bride’s female relatives performed arati to ward off the evil eye and applied tilak on his forehead, signaling his acceptance into their family. While her soulmate waited outside her doorstep, the bride completed her wedding rituals and was led back inside, by her parents. 

The groom entered the mandap, accompanied by diya carrying young girls. As he performed the wedding rituals, his eyes scanned for his beloved, and he longingly waited for the precise moment when she would re-enter the mandap to unite with him. As she walked into the room, his eyes lit up and, he looked at his beautiful bride-to-be lovingly for the very first time in all her bridal beauty. As their eyes met across the hall, it was as if the world around them had ceased to exist, and nothing else mattered anymore…

Continue to the second part of this Indian Wedding Ceremony. You can also see the Wedding Reception.

Indian South Asian wedding Ceremony in Atlanta

Continue to the second part of this Indian Wedding Ceremony. You can also see the Wedding Reception.

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