South Asian Wedding Reception at the Opal Event Hall – Part 2

Indian wedding in Atlanta

South Asian Wedding Reception at the Opal Event Hall.

The scene then shifted to the Opal Event Hall where the wedding reception was to take place. The reception venue was decked up in white and pastels highlighting the romantic mood of the evening. Pastel-colored chiffon drapes, floral decorations, and a grand sofa with its metallic armrests and glittery pillows stood out as the stage décor matched the fairytale ambiance of the room. 
While the arriving guests were treated to an assortment of pastries and desserts, the parents entered the room. Keeping up with the light and fun mood of the evening, their entrance was accompanied by some serious leg shaking in true blue Bollywood-style! Our Atlanta wedding photographers continued to document the evening as the guests cheered and clapped, more performances ensued as the groomsmen and the bridesmaids took to the dance floor. Next in line were the flower girls, and as these adorable little girls all dressed in white, scattered rose petals along the path, the guests oohed and aahed over this cute and charming scene.

And then, the moment that everyone in the room was waiting for, was finally there! Our wedding photographers Arriving hand-in-hand, the couple made their grand entrance into the room and were treated to a standing ovation by their friends and families. As they cheered and applauded, the guests were treated to an impromptu jig by the happy couple themselves! And as they segued to their first dance as man and wife and swayed lightly to the soft music, the lovers had eyes only for each other and the mood shifted to a more romantic one. 
Soon their families joined them on the floor and after the doting son took his mother for an adorable spin on the dance floor, it was time for the father to share a dance with his treasured baby girl. As the groom and her in-laws cheered her on, the beloved daughter joined her emotional father on the dance floor and treated the onlookers to a memorable father-daughter dance. 

Lighter moments followed as some interesting and funny anecdotes were shared by the bridesmaids and the groomsmen that kept the crowd entertained and amused, but when her sister gave an emotional speech the bride could not hold back her tears, and the emotional father hugged his darling daughters as they entered a new chapter in life.
As the newlyweds took over the mike and cut their wedding cake, it was time to pour out the bubblies and when they kissed, their friends and families raised a toast to their health and happiness. As the evening drew to a close, the families came together on the dance floor and as they sang and danced all night, the bride and groom too joined in the fun. While they danced and posed for some fun and mischievous pictures, our wedding photographers managed to capture these fun-filled moments and document these cherished memories for a lifetime.

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Indian South Asian wedding Reception in Atlanta
Indian wedding in Atlanta

Also, see the first part of this Wedding Reception and the Wedding Ceremony.

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